Social Media

Censorship Question


What Should I do if I think I've been censored?

There are several steps you can take if you are censored. First and foremost you must consider the content of your post. Most hate, pornography, and slander speech is prohibited on many of the social media platforms. If you find that you posted something along those lines, I suggest you simply take the punishment of the provider and not do it again. However, if you feel your free speech has been violated, you can take several actions:

  1. 1. Contact the provider and find out how the post violated their rules.
  2. 2. Consider posting your post information in a different way.
  3. 3. Let others know your post was removed.
  4. 4. Move to a social platform that allows you the freedom you want
  5. 5. Finally, do not close your account with the social media platform that has upset you. You likely have friends there and that platform may change their views in the future.