Social Media

Social Media Options


What options can I consider?

Naturally you can and should consider all your options for social media. Find out where your friends are going and where you family members are sharing information on social media. Once you find the social media that interest you, you can join and share with others.

If, as a Republican, you wish to search out social media platforms friendly to you, there are several. Here are two social media platforms closely resembling those of Twitter and Facebook, two popular platforms with known censorship of Republicans:

Parler – is most like Twitter, so it will be classified as a “Microblogging” platform. Around 256 characters can be posted. You can post pictures, articles, videos, or your own written content. This platform is strongly supported by Mark Levin and other conservatives and Republicans.

WeMe is closer to Facebook in format and design. It has a main feed and groups with options. In order to set up a page, the current cost is $1.99 a month. This means if you want a page for your company, product or community group, you’re going to pay $1.99 a month as a service fee. The tradeoff for the fee is there are no advertisements like you see currently on Facebook. WeMe also has different levels of membership. You can pay to “be somebody” on the service and have various notations by your name. It also helps if you are searching for followers. WeMe’s “Premium” membership is free the first month and then $4.99 a month afterwards. This is helpful if you want your profile to be seen. The service also sells stickers to go on your page ranging from “free” to “$2.99” each in cost. If you prefer, you can also donate and get a sticker that states you are a supporters.