The Miller County Republican Committee Headquarters is now closed.

We had an outstanding election cycle from August 1st through November 3rd. The support from our community, volunteers, fellow committees in both Arkansas and Texas, and our committee members has been outstanding!

Justice of the Peace Carl Standridge (J.P. 4, Miller County, AR) was simply phenomenal in his work at the headquarters as the chair for the headquarters committee. State Committeeman Bill Poynter (Miller County) kept great records and Treasurer and 4th District Chair Sharon Wright worked tirelessly to keep our books to date.

So many great Republicans helped! Thank you all so much!

We are going to miss you all for another four years, but do not worry…we will be back with a headquarters for the next Presidential election cycle. In the meantime, if you want to attend our monthly meetings, we will start back up in January.

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