What's up

What's Up with the Miller County Republican Committee

As most of you know the primaries are over now. The ballots have been counted, winners and losers notified, and the state official results have been sent in to Little Rock.

First, Miller County was extremely blessed this year with a large Repubican ticket. While not everyone could possibly win the office he or she was running for, it was good to see Republicans working toward the same goal - When Republicans run friendly, honest, and hard-working campaigns, all Republicans are winners in the end. This year, we had Republicans running friendly, honest and hard-working campaigns and as a result, even those who lost their races, are winners in the eyes of the party.

Your party, your county, and many others appreciate your willingness to put in the hard work and dedication needed to run a campaign. So, without further words, the races below have been finalized:

County Judge:

This was a tight race between two beloved and respected Republicans. Judge McNatt is known throughout the county and had an outstanding showing in this primary. However, in the end, a win was just not meant to be for this well-respected, and loved man who has dedicated a lot of time and energy to Miller County.

Cathy Hardin-Harris is also known throughout the county. Cathy serves as the MCRC State Committeewoman and has been instrumental in bringing in tax dollars as the Miller County Tax Collector. With her win, she will move into the County Judge office on January 1, 2019.


Sheriff Jackie Runion had a strong showing in the election and is respected in the county and community. He won his race and will continue in office starting January 2019.

Ron Stoval is not to be overlooked as a beloved former sheriff of the county and a respected member of the MCRC. Ron worked hard, but knew he had an uphill battle against a popular sheriff in Runion. Both men have been outstanding in law enforcement and have served Miller County beyond our greatest expectations

Tax Collector:

Laura Bates won her race for Tax Collector with grace and dignity. Both she and opponeant Tommy Crank ran good, honest and hard working races for this position that was up for grabs with no incumbant.

Tommy Crank ran a great race matching Bates sign-for-sign and attending all the public functions.

Tax Assessor:

Nancy Herron was seen just about everywhere during the campaign. She had the strong backing of former Tax Assessor Mary Stuart as she ran a good, hard-working and honest campaign. Nancy's win will be noted again when she is sworn in as Tax Assesssor on January 1, 2019.

Danny Lewis a longtime member of the committee and the former Treasurer for Miller County ran an honest and clean campaign. On election night he was quick to wish Nancy all the best and thank her for the campaign. Several people have expressed a desire to see Danny remain in politics in the future.



John Haltom and Robert "Howdy" Smith both ran great campaigns. In the end, incumbent John Haltom won the race. It was good to see two people willing to step up and run for the JP position for the county.

Only one major race will go all the way to the general election. Janet Green has decided to run on the Republican ticket against the winning Democrat after the primary. She will face the winner in the November election.