What's up

What's Up with the Miller County Republican Committee

Well, it's already a new election season.
The primary is underway now with early voting. May 22 is the last day to vote and votes will be counted at the Miller County Courthouse in Texarkana, Arkansas.

While we have many "Uncontested" races, there are still a few "Contested" races in the primary.

County Judge:

Judge Roy John McNatt is up for reelection this year and has filed as a Republican. Judge McNatt and his wife Barbara have been active in the Republican party including helping our the last campaign headquarters, attending meetings, and providing valuable input and updates to the committee.

Cathy Hardin-Harris has decided to run for county judge this election. She has been active in the party for several years, serves as the committee's treasurer, and has served two terms now as the State Committeewoman for Miller County. Cathy is also the current Tax Collector for the county.


Sheriff Jackie Runion has worked for two years as the Miller County Sheriff after winning the last election as a Republican. He filed and is running for his second term as Miller County Sheriff.

Ron Stoval is a former sheriff for Miller County and is running as a Republican. Ron has been active in the committee meetings before deciding to run for the office this election.

Tax Collector:

Laura Bates has been working in the tax collector's office for several years. She joined the Republican party official this past year and has been active at the regular meetings.

Tommy Crank recently started attending the committee meetings and filed as a Republican for the tax collector's office.

Tax Assessor:

Nancy Herron has been working in the Tax Assessor's office for several years and has been a member of the committee during the last year. She decided to run for the office when the current tax assessor decided not to run. She is supported by the current assessor, a Democrat, and has been actively campaigning with the current tax collector for several months.

Danny Lewis is a longtime member of the committee and the former Treasurer for Miller County. Having worked at the courthouse as the treasurer, he decided to run for the office of Tax Assessor as a Republican.



John Haltom has held this seat for sometime and will be running on the Republican ticket this election. John has several years of experience and is a positive force on the committee.

Robert "Howdy" Smith has been involved in the Republican Committee for sometime and has actively helped in the campaign headquarters. He has decided to run for this seat as a Republican.

Ironically, after Primary Night, the people above will have won their seats if they win the election. While they are all great candidates, as the saying goes there can only be one and at the close of the night of the primary we will know who will be sworn in come January 1, 2019.

Only one major race will go all the way to the general election. Janet Green has decided to run on the Republican ticket against the winning Democrat after the primary. She will face the winner in the November election.