What's up

What's Up with the Miller County Republican Committee

New News:

The committee will hold the monthly meeting on October 9th at 6:30 p.m. at the New Haven Golf Club. This will be the last meeting before the general election in November. We will have information on ballot issues and other items of importance for the election at the meeting.
In addition to having our regular meeting, our special guest will be Congressman Bruce Westerman. Congressman Westerman is running for reelection in the November cycle and will spend some time with the committee discussing issues. We are excited to have the Congressman visit our rapidly growing committee.

Old News:
Over 80 pictures have been uploaded on our photo page from the recent Four States Fair Parade. You'll find preparations with supporters for the parade, the arrival of Governor Asa Hutchinson, his visit with the kids and a special question and answer session he did with Arkansas High Students!
You'll also find pictures of County Judge Elect Cathy Hardin Harrison, Congressman Bruce Westerman, John Thurston, Tommy Land, and many others as they prepare for the parade.

Chad Gallagher was our special guest at our September meeting of the MCRC. Chad is a lobbyist working to defeat Ballot Issue Number 1 in November. He explained what the issue is, how it will affect Arkansas and Miller County, and why it should be voted against.

Janet Green, candidate for JP district 2 came to her first meeting of the MCRC in August. We were excited to have her, hear about her campaign and have the ability to offer assistance as she moves toward November.

There will be more on Janet soon, so check back!