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What is social media?

At the basic core, social media is a form of communication with other people over the Internet. An individual or group joins to share a message, or as is the case most of the time, many messages with friends, followers, and the public at large. It can ultimately be described as one big communication bundle with the world.

Four categories:
Social Networking - is usually considered to encompass platforms such as Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Photo sharing -platforms cover such groups as SnapChat, Instagram, and even Pinterest. The primary focus is photos.

Video sharing -platforms cover YouTube, Periscope, and Tik Tok. These platforms can cover any type of video from a movie to a video taken from a dash cam.

Microblogging - is considered platforms such as Tumblr and Twitter. In these platforms the message is usually conveyed by written word.

If you want to participate in social media, you need to join platforms you like, enjoy, and the ones you think you will use. It goes without saying that from a political point-of-view, it’s good to consider several different types of platforms.