Filing FAQ


1. I am an elected official, and I am not required to file this year for my office. Do I still need to file with the committee?

No. When you filed for office, you paid a fee that automatically placed your name on the Miller County Republican Committee (MCRC) role. You are not required to file again at this time to remain on the committee.

2. I understand as an elected official that does not have to file at this time, I am not required to pay filing fees; however, I would like to give to the committee. How may I make a donation?

While you do not have to pay filing fees, donations are always accepted and will go toward the fight to keep elected officials and leaders across our county, state and nation in office. If you wish to donate, please make your check or money order out to "Miller County Republican Committee" or "MCRC" and see any officer. You may also mail it to:
The Miller County Republican Committee
C/O Clint Thomas, Secretary
5 Webber Street
Texarkana, AR 71854

3. I was a candidate in the last election for office, however, I lost my race, do I need to file to remain on the committee as a member?

Yes. During the last time period because you filed on the committee, you were considered a member of the committee regardless of the outcome of the election. You are now considered a member of the committee and as a member it is the time for regular filing.

4. I have the forms, am I required to have them notarized?

Yes. Forms indicating the need for a notary should be notarized upon signing. You may do this at the courthouse during the filing period. There are usually several notaries around and our Secretary can also notarize the form for you.

5. I have always filed as a Democrat, or Independent. I now want to file as a Republican, do I have to do anything special?

No. You are welcome to file with any party you decide to file with in the county. We are pleased and happy to see you come to the Republican committee, and we believe our values and conservative ideas are often more in line with many people than some other groups. We welcome you, will help you, and look forward to working with you for the Republican cause in Miller County, Arkansas, and our nation.

6. I was on the committee several years ago, however, I have not been in sometime and have not filed in years. Do I have to file now if I want to be active?

Yes. Filing for committee members occurs every two years. If you do not file during those times, your name is removed from the committee. We also love to see people return home!

7. I have heard that if I file and do not attend meetings, I may be removed from the committee, is that true?

Yes and no. The Executive Committee has a right to remove members who are inactive. While this can be done, it is more likely that your status would go "Inactive". If you miss three consecutive meetings without notification or sending a proxy in your place, then you will go "Inactive" on our roles. However, all you have to do to be active again is attend one meeting- which will bring you back to "Active" status and then you can vote at the next meeting. These rules were added a few years ago to ensure a committee could continue to conduct meetings even if some members were unable to attend on a regular basis.

8. Can I help with the headquarters and help on campaigns without being a member of the committee?

Yes. Naturally, we would love to have you as a member and your money ($30 for two years) does go toward helping maintain the headquarters and helping get candidates elected; however, you do not have to be a member to help. Many people operate our headquarters and help with signs, campaigns, etc. without ever becoming members of the committee. We have a lot of Republicans not necessarily members of the committee!

9. I am not in the county, or I am in the county, but I do not want to participate in the committee. I would, however, like to donate and help the cause of the Miller County Republican Committee. How can I do that?

Donations come in many forms. Some people have donated money - which is always needed - others have donated water for headquarters, decorations, even electronic equipment like televisions, speaker systems, etc. If there is something you want to donate, contact our Secretary. If you want to send a financial donation, you can make a check or money order out to the "Miller County Republican Committee" or "MCRC" and send it to:
The Miller County Republican Committee
C/O Clint Thomas, Secretary
5 Webber Street
Texarkana, AR 71854

Have a question that was not answered here? Please contact our Secretary through the email and we will happy to add your question to the list or address it directly!