What we do-

The Miller County Republican Committee works to help Republican candidates at a local, state and national level get elected to office in order to promote and carry the Republican platform forward on all levels of government.

Where we are-

The Miller County Republican Committee (sometimes just called MCRC) covers the Arkansas County of Miller.

Miller County is located in Southwest Arkansas on the border of Texas to the west and Louisiana to the south.

Millercounty, Arkansas

The county seat is located at the Miller County Courthouse in Texarkana, Arkansas. Texarkana is a border city with Texarkana, Texas. The county is home to the towns of Dodridge, Garland, Fouke, and Texarkana.

Miller County Courthouse Miller County Courthouse

The two cities share a road "State Line Avenue" down the middle.

State Line Avenue Stateline Avenue

In addition, the Miller County also shares the only Federal Courthouse and Post Office to sit directly on a state line in the United States and the The county also shares the Bi-State Justice Building housing law enforcement from the area.

Federal Courthouse in Texarkana Federal Courthouse and Post Office

Bi State Justice Building Bi-statejustice building